AC Light Blinking – Why is It Happening & Common Fixes!

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A blinking AC light generally indicates that there is an issue with your AC unit. There are many reasons as to why your AC unit may be displaying this light. In most cases, the issue is minor enough for you to fix.

A blinking light on your AC can generally be fixed by resetting the system yourself. However, in some situations it might not be possible for you to repair the fault and you may need professional help. These usually include a damaged power cord, leaking refrigerant, a clogged filter or an object stuck in the fan of the AC unit.

What Does It Mean When the AC Light Blinks?

Your AC may display a blinking light when there is an issue with the unit. While you may be worried that your AC system is faulty or damaged, this is usually not the case.

The issue can be very minor, but the AC will still display a blinking light to inform you that it may be malfunctioning.

How to Reset My AC System?

In many cases, resetting your AC system will stop the light from blinking. This can usually be done by switching off the unit and waiting for approximately 30 seconds before turning it back on.

This should allow the system to reboot and it should operate smoothly without the blinking light.

Why is My AC Light Blinking?

There are many approaches which you can take in order to determine why your AC light is blinking.

Try Using the “Test” Button on Your AC

Some AC unit remotes have a ‘test’ button which you can use. When you press this button, an error code will be displayed.

By comparing this error code to the AC unit manual, you can determine what the issue is.

What If My AC Does Not Have a “Test” Button?

If your remote does not have a ‘test’ button, you can try pressing the “temp up”, “temp down”, and “mode” button at the same time.

You should continue to press the “temp up” button until you hear a double beep, and then you should press the “mode button” again until a continuous beep can be heard and the error code is displayed.

Please note that this method does not work for all models.

What Should I Do If My AC Does Not Display an Error Code?

If you follow the above instructions and no error code is displayed, you can use the information below to try to determine why your AC light is blinking.

Self-Protection Mode

AC systems have a self-protection mode which is designed to protect the electrical components of the AC unit in the event of a fluctuation in the power supply.

For example, if there is a surge in the power supply, the unit may automatically shutdown in order to prevent damage to your AC system.

The system will have a blinking light to indicate that it has activated this mode and temporarily disabled the AC system. In order to reactivate your unit, you simply need to reset the system as outlined above.

Clogged Air Filter

Your AC unit contains a filter that helps to clean the air as it is passed through the system. This filter should be cleaned regularly and if it is not, it may become clogged with dirt and your AC unit will begin to malfunction.

In order to resolve this issue, you should remove the air filter and clean it or replace it. You should observe the filter in your AC unit regularly to prevent any issues in this area.

The filter should generally be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on how often your AC unit is in use.

Imbalance in the System

If you have multiple AC units working from a single system, you may be facing a different issue.

In such a setup, if the units are operating on different modes (if some are heating while others are cooling) this can result in an imbalance in the system and the system will stop functioning and a blinking light will display.

When Should I Contact a Professional?

If the power cord of your AC unit is damaged, you should contact a professional immediately. Damaged power cords can leave you vulnerable to electric shock.

If the refrigerant in your unit has dropped below the minimum level, the light will begin to blink. You should contact a professional for any issue related to coolant as it is a potentially harmful chemical that should only be handled by professionals.

AC units will also need general maintenance every so often, especially if they are used very regularly. This should be done by a qualified expert who can advise you if further action is required to ensure that your AC continues to work efficiently.

If you notice any irregularities such as reduced performance or a strange sound, you should contact an expert to conduct a maintenance check on your unit.

Why is the AC Light Blinking in My Car?

The AC light will blink in your car if your refrigerant levels are low. In most cars, the refrigerant container is easily accessible and you can get the refrigerant refilled at a service station. This will turn off the blinking light.

Final Thoughts

A blinking AC light is generally not a major issue. There are many minor fixes which you can try in order to resolve the problem before you decide to contact a professional.

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