Apartment Carpet Replacement Cost (2024 Prices for Carpeting)

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One of the benefits of renting an apartment is that you are not responsible for construction costs due to normal wear and tear. There are a lot of reasons you might replace the carpet in your apartment and the cost to do so may involve many factors.

Replacement costs for carpet in an apartment can range from $1.25 to $12 per square foot. Not all apartments and carpets are created equal so the cost of the carpet replacement will depend on the quality of the carpet used throughout the complex. The age of the existing carpet is another important factor when determining cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Recarpet an Apartment?

The cost to recarpet your apartment can vary depending on the reasons behind the carpet replacement.

Worn Carpet

Under ideal conditions, carpets can last up to ten years. Even carpet that is well cared for and cleaned regularly can become worn to the point where it is unattractive and difficult to maintain.

One of the first signs that your carpet needs replacing is carpet matting. A matted carpet is harder to clean, and as a result, these carpets can form bacteria or mold more easily in these areas.

Another sign that your carpet has outlived its usefulness is frayed carpet. Most carpets installed in residential areas such as homes and apartments are cut-pile carpets.

Cut pile carpets are softer and more attractive than loop pile carpets but fray and stain easily. High-traffic areas are likely to show signs of wear and tear, and kids and pets can decrease the longevity of your carpet.

The cost to replace the worn carpet in an apartment depends on the age of the carpet. The landlord or real estate management company will replace it on a prorated basis. More often than not, if the carpet is over seven years old, they will replace it at no charge to you.

Preventative measures can be taken to extend the life of your carpet, which will save both tenant and landlord time, trouble, and money. Area rugs and runners in high-traffic areas can protect the carpet allowing it to stay appealing and functional.

It is also a good idea to have doormats big enough for people to step in and take their shoes off. Keeping shoes off when on the carpet and using a good quality vacuum cleaner regularly is also the best policy for keeping the carpet clean and fresh.

Damaged Carpet

Besides normal wear and tear in high-traffic areas, carpets can be damaged unexpectedly in many ways. Stains from grease, paint, wine, coffee, and other substances can leave your carpet discolored even after cleaning.

Issues involving acute damage, such as discoloration and burns, can sometimes be resolved by replacing just the damaged area. This is especially true where there are existing seams, such as in a hallway or bedrooms.

Kids and pets can be hard on carpeted areas. Dogs will damage areas around doors, wanting to get out. It’s about as certain as cats tearing up miniblinds.

Often, carpet repair specialists in your area will be able to fix this damage even if you don’t have extra carpet. This is ideal for tenants who just want to repair the carpet without involving the landlord or management company.

This type of repair can be done for around $100. Larger areas that need replacing are usually done through the landlord on the same prorated basis as a full replacement, with the depreciated amount subtracted from the cost.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur from natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding. It can also be caused by a burst pipe or loose hose from a plumbing fixture.

In situations like these, there is usually an insurance claim, but no matter the cause or how it gets paid for, the tenant is not responsible for the damage or the cost to replace or repair the carpet.

Apartment Sizes & Costs

Apartments come in many shapes and sizes, from a 400-square-foot walk-up studio to a 3,000-square-foot Penthouse apartment with its own elevator. Most apartments, however, are either one or two-bedroom.

Cost to Replace Carpet in One Room

The cost to replace the carpet in one room averages between $250-$450, once again, depending on the quality of the carpet.

Cost to Replace Carpet in 1-Bedroom Apartment

The average one-bedroom apartment is around 600 square feet. Replacing the carpet and pad can average between $800 and $1,800.

Cost to Replace Carpet in 2-Bedroom Apartment

Two-bedroom apartments are typically 800-900 square feet. The average carpet replacement cost is between $1,000 and $3,200.

How Much Do Apartments Charge to Replace Carpet?

Responsibility of Landlords & Tenants

If you damaged the carpet, the landlord could recover the full amount for the replacement costs. When you vacate the apartment after only one or two years, and it needs a full replacement, then the burden of the cost lies mostly with the tenant.

Even after a relatively short amount of time spent there, the landlord will usually prorate the cost using the ten-year lifespan of the carpet.


Sometimes tenants and landlords disagree with what qualifies as normal wear and tear and what is damaged by the tenant. Laws vary from state to state, and unless they come to an agreement on their own, disputes are usually handled in small claims or justice courts.

Final Thoughts

Many rental property owners are considering other options, such as vinyl plank flooring, in favor of carpet. When you live in an apartment with carpet, proper care can save your deposit from being used for costly repairs.

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