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One of the downsides to having a balcony in an apartment is the lack of natural foliage. 

While people have figured out ways to grow gardens in buckets for their food supply, sometimes you just want the look and feel of natural grass in your outdoor space so you can feel closer to nature.

Astro turf gained its popularity by being a maintenance friendly alternative to real grass in sports arenas. Since then, its application is used in a wide variety of settings, such as restaurants and residential areas.

Not all grass is created equal, and the type of astro turf you purchase will depend on what you need it for. Here’s a breakdown of some of the highest rated options currently on the market. 

Best Artificial Grass Options for Apartment Balconies

1. Petgrow Synthetic Grass

One reason consumers will give for wanting to place artificial grass on their balcony is because they have pets that prefer to go on grass-like material. This Petgrow grass carpet is a great solution for that.

It unrolls and lays just like a carpet, so installation won’t take but a few seconds. It can be easily sprayed off with a water hose so any soiling materials won't settle or stain the carpet. Also, there’s no need to get padding underneath it, you can lay it right overtop of concrete.

It’s also UV resistant so laying it in direct sunlight will not fade the tone. Although it is recommended to use in an area with indirect sunlight because the materials can still get hot to the touch.

I have this installed in my south-west facing balcony which gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day. So far in around 3 months, I’m unable to see any signs of color fading or any other obvious degradation of the materials, so I can say that their claim is holding true, at least till now.

Make sure you measure your outdoor area because the price for this (and most astroturf) is per piece. 

One thing to note about Petgrow grass is that the nap will be shorter than some other high end brands. So while it will provide the look & function of real grass, it will feel more artificial to the touch than other brands.

But I don’t think your pets will mind this option one bit!

2. Golden Moon Artificial Grass Tile

This one from Golden Moon is one of my favorite styles for artificial grass, especially in smaller areas, because they are provided in 1x1ft tiles. 

This makes purchasing the exact amount you need easier without having a bunch of extra material left over. Also, you can easily install around corners and other fixtures without having to measure or cut.

There is also a “slow-drain” system fitted in these tiles that allows water & other liquids to drain out, making it another good option for pet owners looking to give their furry friends a grass-like surface to do their business on. It’s easily hosed off as well so cleaning up is effortless.

This is a longer nap (about 1.5 inches) and it has a very realistic feel. Walking barefoot on it almost made me feel like I was walking on the real thing!

Connecting the tiles does take a little bit of effort and I would suggest a rubber mallet or something similar in order to tightly lock them into place. But rest assured, they aren’t going anywhere once they are connected.

3. Fas Home Artificial Grass

This is another carpet style astro turf with a shorter nap. The greatest thing about the Fas brand is that you can custom order the exact amount of artificial grass that you need for your project, thus eliminating all excess product.

Even though this is a shorter nap, the density of the grass like material is higher which helps it to have a feel that is more similar to real grass instead of feeling like plastic. Standing on it barefoot feels very comfortable.

The manufactured holes allow for smooth drainage of water and all liquids as well, a quality that is a must for most artificial grass. 

Because the backing on this particular type of astro turf is not entirely slide resistant, I would recommend you use some sort of securing method, such as double sided tape or concrete glue to make sure it stays fixed to your balcony.

My only real complaint about this grass would be its packaging. When I received my unit, it was folded instead of rolled, and getting it straight took some time and effort. Since it’s not the cheapest option around, I’d prefer if the manufacturer improved the packaging.

4. Goasis Lawn Artificial Turf

If you are searching for a more aesthetic look that won’t see much traffic, this Goasis Turf would be the perfect solution. Another easy to install grass carpet for your balcony, the shorter nap & thinner material helps to give the illusion of grass without being overly expensive.

Goasis can be cut to fit any space of balcony or patio & the company offers a 10 year warranty, so even if you find that it is not holding up how you like, you can easily get it replaced! 

When cutting, a bit of debris was shed on the cut edge, but I could easily seal it with some superglue. Having a leaf blower handy would be a bonus.

The “grass” in this carpet is UV-resistant, which helps to prevent the color from fading even if it is in direct sunlight and it also comes in 14 different tones so you have multiple choices.

One of its benefits, which is being lightweight, can also be a downfall if it is not secured properly. A strong gust of wind may kick up the corners of this mat unless its fitted down with staples are attached to a sturdier backing.

5. ALTRUISTIC Artificial Grass

Though not the cheapest option (approximately $15 per square foot), the ALTRUISTIC brand is well respected in the artificial grass community. It has many of the same benefits as other brands such as drainage properties, UV resistance, and ease of cleaning.

There are a few things that stand out about this brand though. For one, ordering the correct size is simple because you can order the exact amount you need. So instead of hemming together multiple rolls, you can get one piece in the perfect size.

Secondly, should you need to cut it for any reason, it doesn’t fray or shed. You also won’t need a backing since the material & backing is sturdy. Simply apply some bonder (like glue), roll it out & you are done.

The one downside for this brand is that there aren’t any color options, just the one original shade. Some consumers have knocked the brand for appearing to look fake while others seem pleased in its appearance, so this issue will really be in the eye of the beholder.

Considerations for Buying Artificial Grass

Before you choose your product, take note of these important factors so you can be sure to select the right one.


High traffic areas, such as entryways and sunrooms, are going to need a sturdier astro turf. Even balconies that will be utilized by pets will need a higher quality grass. For high traffic, choose a turf that has a thick nap & a sturdier rubber backing.

Low traffic areas will be better suited to handle thinner materials with a lower nap since they won’t receive as much wear and tear.

Pile Height

While the nap of a product refers to the amount of fibers per square inch (its density), the pile height is just as it sounds, the height of the grass. This matters for two reasons: ease of cleaning, and feel of the artificial grass.

Even with good drainage, you should still thoroughly clean your grass at least once a month with an approved cleaner & a hose. A higher pile height can make cleaning a tad more difficult because it will require a more thorough scrubbing.

Also, longer artificial grass tends to feel softer to the touch.


Most major brands of artificial grass come in 3 main materials, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and Nylon. Each has their own pros and cons.

Polypropylene is the cheapest of the 3 materials, so even though it is more affordable, it tends to not last as long. 

Polyethylene has a higher durability than polypropylene, but it isn’t as resistant to sun damage. Some companies will add a UV resistant compound on top of the polyethylene but that also increases the price point.

Nylon is by far the most durable, but because it is naturally stiff, it will have the most artificial feel.

Sunlight Coverage of the Installation Area

While some grass comes with UV protection to prevent fading (depending on the material) there is still an issue of heat from direct sunlight. The heat absorbed can be mitigated by the backing and infill materials.

Infill materials as used in between the thatches where the fibers are attached and can be either rubber, silica, or sand. Rubber infill and rubber backing will retain more heat than the alternative options.

Potential Issues and How to Solve Them

After deciding on the materials & brand of your artificial grass, be sure you cover these potential problems before you begin your installation.

Water Drainage

As you can tell from the product descriptions, many brands of artificial grass come with some sort of drainage built in. This is usually in the form of perforated holes or rubber channels in the backing.

While this certainly helps to keep your turf dry by wicking away moisture from the upper layer, if you lay it over unfinished concrete there is still the potential for mold and mildew growth. 

Concrete is naturally porous so it will absorb some moisture. If there is nothing on top of the concrete, usually evaporation helps to prevent microbial growth.

Laying astro turf on top will prevent the right amount of evaporation needed to stop mold and mildew. To combat this, consider painting on a layer of concrete sealant before laying down your grass.

Securing Your Turf

A thick, heavy carpet style astro turf may be able to be laid down with no additional considerations. But if you want to prevent slipping or corners flipping up, think about your options for securing it to your concrete balcony.

The easiest and most cost-effective option is to use double sided tape. There are brands that are made specifically for outdoor use that are water and heat resistant. Simply lay it around the perimeter of the piece you are laying down and press firmly into the concrete.

Another option for more heavy duty materials is to use turf glue. This usually takes longer to set but it provides a very durable adhesion to the concrete and can even be used on cut edges to prevent fraying.

Pets and Kids

It is absolutely essential that if you have pets or kids that you expect to be on your artificial grass that you purchase a brand that is eco friendly and safe. This means it is not treated with any harmful chemicals & won’t get too hot to the touch and burn little feet.

Another consideration is that thinner materials with less nap will not provide any cushion to the concrete underneath. This can be a hazard if a child were to fall. 

Some brands may offer an additional padding that you can purchase, but you can buy shock pads on their own from most home improvement stores.

Some people have even gotten really creative and used yoga mats under their turf to provide a little more of a cushion.

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