Best Places to Buy Interior Doors – Cheapest + Bang for Your Buck Ones!

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One of the most fun aspects of renovating your house is being able to pick out all of your fixtures. From light switches to paint colors, the possibilities to personalize your space are endless. Finding interior doors can be another exciting venture, and sometimes you want to know what your options are.

When buying interior doors, your best option is to check your local home improvement store. Places such as Lowe’s and Home Depot have a variety of options that would suit you. Another option is to check out local lumber yards, as they sometimes have access to select materials that you can’t find anywhere else.

Considerations for Buying Interior Doors

Where you will place your door and how much use it will get can determine where the best location is to purchase it.

Safe and Soundproof

For general use interior doors, such as those in bedrooms & bathrooms, you are going to want a sturdy door that can block sound and is also fireproof. Wood or solid core doors are preferred for these spaces. Hollow-core doors are also an option, but provide less soundproofing and fire-protectant properties.

These doors can be purchased from almost any big box or local home improvement store.

Functional & Small Space Doors

Bifold doors fold in on themselves and are useful in small spaces, like closets and other storage areas. While they aren’t usually known for their soundproofing abilities, they are functional for tight areas where a fully open swinging door may not be practical.

These can be found in most home improvement stores, but smaller specialty shops and third-party contractors will be able to provide you more options.


Doors with glass panels, like French Doors, are considered more of a specialty than solid wood doors. Even doors with a more contemporary look, like flush or louvered doors, can be considered decorative.

Since they can be considered specialty items, local lumber yards, and third-party contractors are going to have more access to this kind of inventory.

Best Places To Buy Interior Doors

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of door you need and its use, you can take a look at some of your purchasing options.

In-store Options

Large chain retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot have a multitude of options for finding your perfect door. You can order online and have it shipped to the store, have it delivered, or simply browse their in store selections.

Online Options

If you’d prefer to not visit a showroom or home improvement store, you can peruse the large variety of online home decor sites that offer interior doors. has a huge inventory of interior doors for all decor styles & has a positive customer experience per their reviews.

Similar to, has a respectable inventory of doors in a wide variety of styles. is another option for interior doors. Though they have a higher price tag than most, their quality is unmatched.

And of course, has almost anything that you need for your project, including the door that will perfectly fit your style without hurting your wallet. You can even filter by “highest rated” or “least expensive” so you know you are getting exactly what you need.

In-person Options

For those with a specific taste, visit the local lumber yard in your area. Not only do they have access to high-quality wood and materials, they know where to source something should you be unable to find it elsewhere.

This option can be the most expensive and also has a longer turnover, especially with special order requests. There can be a longer waiting period while they order materials and outsource the building. But the result is a unique door that nobody else has!

Final Thoughts

With so many options available to you, it can seem overwhelming and uncertain where the best place to buy an interior door is. Give yourself enough time to research all of your options and price match similar styles so that the door you end up with gives you the most bang for your buck while still reflecting your unique style and needs.

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