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The sheer amount of options can make it feel a little overwhelming to decide where to purchase your blinds when you decide to upgrade your current ones. and Blindster are two of the prominent companies in this regard so I decided to do a comparison of them to help you determine which one fits your needs best.

To start, let’s look at each company a little closer & then compare some of the most important qualities that customers would be looking for; price, customer service, and product quality.

The large home improvement store, The Home Depot, acquired in 2014. They have an array of options from budget-friendly blinds to more luxury styles & the average customer satisfaction rating from multiple sources is about 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The ordering process is entirely online. I also found that also sells drapes in their inventory, something which Blindster, unfortunately, does not offer.


Even though Blindster isn’t as well-known as some other competitors, it still holds its own in the niche arena of window treatments. Their selection is smaller than but that’s because they tend to offer more high-end options.

Their ordering process is also entirely online and they will even assist you with finding a local installer if you don’t feel confident installing the blinds yourself.

Comparisons & Thoughts


One important thing to note is that because the ordering process is entirely online and these companies don’t have physical stores, you will need to measure for your blinds yourself to determine the size you need.

To compare the prices for both retailers, I searched 5 products on each site. I kept the products as similar as possible in terms of length, type, and material. Surprisingly, I found the prices to be very close for almost all the products, only varying by a few dollars on either side.

Overall, Blindster averaged higher in price, but only slightly. This could be due to slight variations in materials and shipping costs.

One plus for is that they have a variety of their own brand of blinds and shutters to choose from that are budget friendly which trend far cheaper than the other brands listed or the brands available on Blindster. But if you are set on high-end blind options, Blindster would be your best bet.

Within the pricing category, I also wanted to mention the warranty options available for both sites. offers a 3-year warranty with the option to upgrade to a lifetime warranty, but Blindster automatically offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products, a feature I think makes the slightly higher price tag worth it.

Customer Service

I called the customer service department for both retailers to try to get some insight into how they handle customer inquiries and complaints. I also looked at customer reviews outside of the sites themselves, since those can be misleading.

From my personal experience, both sites had exceptionally helpful customer service. Not only did they explain the benefits of choosing their company, but they were also knowledgeable about all of their products which would be useful for first-time customers who are installing the blinds themselves.

From my online research, both companies seem to have solid customer service when it comes to exchanges, free samples, or general questions.

While most companies will have some outlier customers who had a bad experience, the general consensus is that both and Blindster are both evenly matched for customer service.

Overall Quality

One thing both companies will do for you is send you free samples of the blinds so you can inspect the quality yourself in person, which is a positive for both.

With having their own brand of products billed as “budget-friendly”, you can expect these to be of lower quality than some of the other high-end brands though they still stand up to the test of time according to customer reviews.

Because Blindster tends to have higher-end brands, their quality will outmatch the personal brand, but for a higher price tag.

General Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised after exploring both of these retailers. Both companies have great customer service in case any issues arise. While has a wider variety to choose from, the lifetime warranty from Blindster could be seen as more beneficial to some consumers.

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