Closets By Design vs. California Closets – Who Should You Go With?

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If you are anything like me, you need help getting your closets and the other cluttered areas of your home organized, so that they are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Choosing a professional to design and install your closets and organizational systems can be difficult. Which is why I did some research before deciding which company was right for the job.

The market is full of design professionals wishing to make the closet of your dreams a thing of reality; however, I chose Closets By Design and California Closets as my top contenders.

Don’t let your cluttered closet get the best of you! Continue reading to learn more about these two companies and discover which option will suit your needs the best.

Closets By Design

To begin, I scheduled a free consultation appointment with Closets By Design. The overall process was not bad, but it was time-consuming.

When the designer arrived, they began by asking some basic questions about my needs and the aesthetic I was going for.

Next, they asked to see the space so they could take measurements and see the full extent of what I needed in the space.

The designer then manually took all of the necessary measurements of the space and began the design and planning process.

Within an hour or so, the designer presented me with a few hand-sketched blueprint designs that provided multiple options for shelving, drawers, and hanging space.

Once I had chosen a plan that suited my needs and taste, we went over the different styles and finishes that were available.

By the end of the consultation, I was feeling pretty confident that I found a company to install my new custom closet. However, I still had one more company to consult with before making my final decision.

California Closets

When it came time for my consultation with California Closets, the initial process was very similar. The designer was prompt and professional and immediately asked to see the space.

From there they were able to take digital measurements of the space so there is no chance of error when the units are installed.

Once the measurements were taken, we discussed my needs and what I wanted the overall feel of the space to be.

Within 45 minutes the designer had created beautiful, realistic-looking 3D renderings on her tablet that allowed me to visualize what the closet would look like much better than a hand-drawn blueprint.

The beauty of the digital rendering was that she could add or remove elements and change the finishes with a few simple touches, and it took very little time to do so.

By the end of this consultation, my mind was blown and my initial thoughts had radically changed.

The quality of the design, attention to detail, and a generous selection of arrangements and finishes were, in my opinion, incomparable.

A Few Notes About Hiring a Professional Closet Company

If you decide to hire a pro, know that they will require the space to be fully prepped and ready for the installation process.

This means if there is any demolition, painting, or resurfacing of walls, ceilings, or floors it must be done before the scheduled date of the installation.

If you are not into DIY projects or perhaps lack the necessary skills/tools to get the job done you will need to hire a contractor or handyman to help get the space ready for the professionals to install your new closet(s).

Keep in mind when scheduling your in-home design consultations that it can take a few hours to gather all of the information and create the design plan. So be sure to have plenty of free time.

The designers are very thorough and take their time to ensure you are left with a space that will have you giving recommendations rather than warnings to your friends.

Custom Closet Pricing

You have probably noticed that I have not listed any prices and that is primarily because we are discussing spaces that will be customized, which means prices will range depending on the size and level of luxury.

I did however do some research to give you an idea of what you may be looking at if you choose to have a custom closet designed and installed.

If you have a standard reach-in style closet (6.5’ x 2’ or  8’ x 3’) you can expect to pay between $500 – $1,000 to have a custom organizational system designed and installed.

For a larger walk-in style closet, the price can vary drastically depending on the dimensions and shape of the space.

Another factor that can greatly affect the price of a custom closet installation is the choice of materials and finishes that are decided upon.

It is also important to know that whichever company you choose does not perform any construction or demolition.

If any wall, floor, or ceiling preparation is required, the design company will require that you hire a contractor/handyman to do the work and be sure the space is ready for the closet system to be installed.

In the event you are unsure of who to hire to do the prep work, the designer can offer you some recommendations of trusted contractors that they have worked with in the past.

When Budget Matters, Try DIY

If you find that your budget can’t quite handle the hefty price of a professional designer and closet installation you might try doing it yourself.

If you are handy or want to try something new it may benefit you to look at the closet solutions and organizational aids presented by IKEA for significant savings.

Overall Thoughts

I found that comparing California Closets to Closets By Design was similar to buying a real Versace versus a knockoff; from a distance, they basically look the same but up close the difference in quality can be seen.

Closets By Design is a good option to help organize and stylize your closet space but if you are genuinely looking for a top-of-the-line luxury closet that is also fabulously functional then California Closets is the way to go.

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