Can You Flush Hair Down the Toilet? – Here’s the Explanation!

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Everyone loses hair! In fact, it is normal to lose between 50-100 hairs every day. If you have multiple people in your home, there are even more loose hairs around!

What can you do with all that hair? Flushing the hair down the toilet may seem like a simple solution. Will hair in the toilet cause plumbing issues?

Hair should not be flushed down the toilet. It dissolves very slowly. In the meantime, it will snag and adhere to the pipes, forming a web that will eventually turn into a clog. Removing hair from pipes is a messy, difficult, and often expensive procedure. Hair should be composted or thrown into the trash, instead.

Can You Flush Hair Down the Toilet?

Think twice before you flush hair down the toilet! Human hair and pet hair should not be put in the toilet. The presence of hair in plumbing can cause big problems.

Why Does Hair in the Toilet Cause Problems?

Putting a few, small hairs into the toilet doesn’t seem like it would cause big problems. However, a few small hairs quickly build up. Here are a few reasons why to avoid putting hair in the toilet.

It Doesn’t Dissolve

Hair breaks down very, very slowly. How slowly? Depending on the conditions, it can take one to two years before the hair is completely broken down. That’s a long time for hair to build up in your plumbing!

It Sticks to the Pipes

Hair, particularly wet hair, has a habit of adhering to the sides of the pipes. If there are any rough spots in the pipes, it can catch and snag on those as well. Once it’s stuck, it tends to stay in place.

It Forms a Web

Hair, especially long hair, can ball up and form webs in the pipes. These webs catch anything that comes by and soon, a clog may form. If the clog continues, it may lead to a complete blockage.

What about Short Hair?

Don’t flush short hair, either! While it may not form a web, it will still adhere to the sides of the pipes and catch on rough areas. Over time, a build-up of hair will narrow and clog the pipes. It may not happen as quickly as it would with long hair, but why take the risk?

What about Hair in Septic Systems?

Septic systems are particularly difficult to rid of foreign matter, such as hair. Accessing and cleaning a septic system is tricky and expensive. The only things that should be put into a septic system are human waste and septic-safe toilet paper.

What’s the Best Way to Dispose of Hair?

We know not to flush loose hairs! So, what should we do with them?

Add It to Compost

Hair is a great addition to compost! It is a good source of nitrogen for your soil. Mix it into your compost in small ratios.

Throw It in the Trash

This is the simplest solution! Ball up those loose hairs and throw them away. While this may be less eco-friendly than compost, it is better than flushing your hair.

What Other Things Should Never be Flushed Down the Toilet?

Dental Floss

Much like hair, dental floss can create webs that catch debris and turn into clogs.

Feminine Products

Most feminine products will not break down in the sewage system. It is better to dispose of them in the trash.


The water in the toilet may not break down medication properly. Medication can get into the water and cause issues for the environment.


Gum does not break down easily. It can become caught on the pipes and create clogs.

Cigarette Butts

Not only can cigarettes create clogs, but they also contain toxic chemicals. These can cause issues for the water supply and the environment.


Condoms are designed to be durable. They will not break down in the pipes or sewage system and may create clogs.

Final Thoughts

Tossing loose hair down the toilet may seem like a simple solution, but it will cause problems in the long run! Avoid clogs and pricey plumbing bills by composting or throwing away hair instead.

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