No Space for Fridge in the Kitchen? Ideas for Small Kitchens!

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If you live in a tiny New York apartment or a home with a small kitchen, it may be difficult to find space for your fridge in such a small area. However, there are several hacks that you can use to optimize the storage in your kitchen to make room for a fridge big enough for your needs.

Some options when it comes to fitting a fridge in your kitchen are to choose a smaller or narrower fridge, build your cabinets around your fridge, and make use of space-saving storage methods. If worse comes to worst, you can also remodel your kitchen to make it larger.

Read on to learn more tips about how to fit a fridge in your kitchen and optimize your storage space to get the best possible out of a small-sized kitchen.

Install a Bar Fridge Instead of a Regular Fridge

One option when it comes to saving space in your kitchen is to install a bar fridge instead of a full-sized fridge. This is a great option for students or working professionals who don’t do a lot of cooking.

You can use the bar fridge to store your beer and coffee creamer and other small essentials that require refrigeration and leave the cooking to the professionals.

Bar fridges have plenty of space for wine bottles and other small refrigerated items, making them a great choice if you don’t do a lot of cooking but still have some items that need to be refrigerated. This can be an excellent option for anyone looking to fit a fridge into their kitchen.

The downside of this option is that bar fridges typically do not include a freezer, so your ice cream will melt. Look to the next list item if you absolutely need a freezer.

Buy a Mini-fridge

Another great space-saving option when it comes to fridges are mini-fridges, or compact refrigerators. These tiny refrigerators are great options for anyone who needs both refrigerator and freezer space but absolutely can’t find space in their kitchen for a full-sized refrigerator.

Most compact fridges come with a freezer part as well, and you can find them in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They come in cute colors and it is easy to find one that will fit your kitchen perfectly.

Buy a Slim but Tall Fridge

One great option when it comes to fitting a fridge into your kitchen is to buy a slim but tall fridge. These fridges can provide more than 10 cubic feet of space, which is almost the same as that of a regular-sized fridge.

Slim fridges are easier to fit into a kitchen because you can slide them into smaller spaces.

Because they are almost full-sized fridges, they are a great option for those who do a lot of cooking but don’t have a lot of space. If you need to store a lot of refrigerated items, a slim and tall fridge could be the perfect solution.

Build Your Cabinets Around Your Fridge

If you are set on having a full-sized fridge in your kitchen, there are still some techniques that you can use to maximize space and make it fit.

If you are willing to do some light remodeling, you can install cabinets next to and over your fridge to save space. These cabinets will be great for storing less-used items or items that you don’t want pets and children getting into.

Install Storage Helpers

In order to make the most of your kitchen space, install lots of storage helpers. Things like hooks and windowsills can be great storage for smaller items. You can install hooks on the sides of cabinets and on walls to maximize storage space for hang-able items.

Sliding cabinets like this one can be used in corners and next to fridges to store spices and other pantry needs. You can buy shelving racks to provide further storage for pots, pans, and ingredients. You can also install floating shelves on the walls in your kitchen to create further storage space for small jars of ingredients.

Replace Chairs with Stools

We often don’t realize just how much space chairs can take up in a kitchen. Replacing your chairs with stools that can slide underneath a table when not in use is a great option for maximizing your kitchen space. Making your kitchen feel bigger is all about the details.

You can find cute stools to match almost any kitchen design, and they are actually quite comfortable for sitting on. Stools are an especially great option if you have a kitchen island that is too tall for regular chairs.

Use Folding Chairs and Tables

You can also use folding chairs and tables in your kitchen. These space savers can be stored away when not in use for sitting and eating, giving you more space in which to cook and move around.

You might think at first that this is not a very cute option for your kitchen, but there are a great many stylish folding chairs and tables that you can buy to optimize your kitchen space.

Folding chairs and tables are often fairly cheap, making them great for those of us who are on a budget. There are many comfortable options, and you can always decorate them with pillows to make them a better place to sit.

Use a Kitchen Island Instead of a Table

If your kitchen is truly tiny and you have no space for a table, consider installing a kitchen island. Kitchen islands can provide more storage space than tables because you can install islands with cabinets and hooks on them.

Additionally, you can design a small kitchen island that will fit your kitchen perfectly. Even extending a countertop out from the wall to create a bar can be a great solution for your storage needs.

Compensate for Your Small Kitchen by Using Neighboring Rooms

If your kitchen is impossible to work with and you just can’t find space for your fridge in your kitchen, it is also possible to simply have your fridge immediately outside your kitchen.

While this is not ideal for people who cook a lot and make lots of trips to the fridge, it can work for those of us who use our fridges less.

Alternatively, you can move your pantry to a neighboring room and put your fridge where the pantry used to live. Make use of the space in your whole house by installing storage cabinets or a pantry in the living room, dining room, or another room near your kitchen.

Remodel Your Kitchen

The final and most expensive option when it comes to creating more space in your kitchen is to remodel it completely. This allows you to design a kitchen in your own vision, creating much more space.

You may need to demolish existing kitchen structures or even walls to do this, so it is best left to the professionals as a last resort.

This option is best for anyone with a higher budget who absolutely needs a full-sized fridge right at the tips of their fingers in their kitchen. But most people can get by if they follow the tips above to maximize space in their kitchens.

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