How to Hide Water Shut Off Valve in Basement or Laundry Room

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Nothing can ruin your decorating vision quite like unsightly pipes and valves running through the middle of a room! Fortunately, with a little creativity, there are many ways to hide the shut-off valves and pipes that are messing up your desired aesthetic.

Shut-off valves are designed to turn off the water to your home or laundry room. It is important that they are easily accessible. However, there are many ways to keep valves out of sight, such as building a wall or cabinet around them, installing curtains, or just strategically placing another object in front of the valves.

About Shut-off Valves and Codes

Water valves should always be easily accessible. Do not hide them so well that you can’t reach them easily! It is especially important to be able to reach laundry shut-off valves. Check your local codes and regulations before you enclose shut-off valves.

Ways to Hide Water Shut-off Valves

Make your laundry room or basement functional and attractive with these simple solutions to unsightly water shut-off valves!

Build a Closet or Cabinet

A strategically placed closet or cabinet is a great way to hide valves. A cabinet or closet hides the valves while still allowing easy access through the doors.

Build a False Wall

A little bit of creativity plus construction smarts can go a long way! Again, check your local codes before you build a wall.

Construct a false wall to enclose unsightly pipes. Create a portion of the wall on hinges so that the valves are accessible. Paint, trim, and decorate the false wall to match the rest of the walls.

Hang a Curtain

Curtains are an easy, inexpensive solution to the problem. Install a tension rod in front of the shut-off valves and hang a curtain. A curtain can match your decor and lend to the aesthetic of the room while still allowing access to the shut-off valves.

Add a Shelf

A strategically placed shelf can keep shut off valves out of sight.

Put up a Picture

Add to your decor with a piece of art or wallpaper! Hang it in front of the shut-off valves. If the valves are not set within the wall, install a wire with brackets or tension rod that is set out from the wall. The picture can slide back and forth on the wire in order to allow access to the shut-off valves.

Wrap Them Up

Washi tape is popular among crafters and decorators! Make your pipes sparkle with your choice of tape. If you would rather make your valves and pipes blend in, try covering them with wood wrap tape.

Add a Potted Plant

For another simple, yet attractive solution, hide your valves with a strategically placed potted plant (fake or real!) If the valves are set high in the wall, try hanging fake greenery or vines in front of them.

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