How to Hide Electrical Wires on Ceiling – Tips for Exposed Ceilings!

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If you’re looking to hide wires on an exposed ceiling, you’ve come to the right place! There are several simple methods to conceal the wires in your home.

You don’t need to be an electrician to get this job done quickly – choose a DIY option to solve this problem on your own.

Hiding electrical wires on the ceiling can be as easy as painting them the same color as your ceiling! Alternatively, you can install cord covers that blend into your walls or put up crown molding for a sophisticated look. You can also use a ceiling box to cover grouped wires.

Read on to find out which easy option is the best choice for your exposed ceiling!

Ways to Hide Electrical Wires on the Ceiling

Wires don’t always make the best home decor! Consider covering up the electrical wires on your ceiling with one of these creative and simple ideas.

Try Cord Covers

Cord covers are a tried and true method to hide ceiling wires. Also known as cable raceways, these covers are easy to install and can be a quick DIY project!

Drill the cord covers to create a path for your ceiling wires so they can trail across the ceiling and down the wall. You can also use double-sided tape to adhere the cord covers onto your walls, depending on what kind of paint texture you have.

Choose covers with a design and color that will easily blend into the wall paint. Remember to always clean and dry any surface before placing the cord covers.

Paint the Wires

Painting over the wires is a simple way to conceal cords without any installation. Choose a water-based paint and use a paint sprayer for easy coverage.

Place a tarp down before painting and wear protective gear. It’s recommended to wear a mask, gloves, and protective eyewear while using a paint sprayer. Don’t paint over any outlets or switches!

It might take more than one coat of paint to achieve the desired results for your ceiling wires. For a more cohesive look, paint the ceiling along with the wires to camouflage them into the paint.

Install Crown Molding

Go for a sophisticated look with crown molding! Find a molding design that matches your home’s interior and make sure to purchase enough to line the whole room.

If you’re cutting the wood yourself, apply the finish before installing it. Make installation easier with corner blocks if you’re installing molding on each side of the room. Pre-drill the holes where you’ve marked the molding and secure it in place.

Make sure to only DIY this molding project if you have carpenting experience! If not, hire a professional to get it installed properly.

Transform the Wires into Decor

Get creative with your exposed ceiling! Use the wires as an opportunity to modernize your home and transform your exposed ceiling room into an industrial-chic space.

If you have muted wall tones, paint the wires black for a bold contrast and create parallel lines on your ceiling and down the wall. This will give your space a geometric and modern look!

Use a Ceiling Box to Cover Grouped Wires

If you have a group of wires that need to be concealed, consider using a ceiling box to hide them. Find a box that blends into the ceiling paint or use them to create colored accents for your home.

Many ceiling box options don’t show the screws after installation, which will give your ceiling a clean look. A lot of them are also safe to paint so you can color match the box to your ceiling paint before installation.

You can DIY this project at home and build your own ceiling box for a more personalized look!

Trace Out Your Own Wire Design

Manipulate the wires to make a new design! Get artsy with your exposed ceiling and design a fun pattern to turn the wires into an art piece.

Mark your design on the ceiling with a pencil or tape beforehand. Then lay the wire along the pattern, taping it into place as you go. Look up to admire your beautiful artwork!

Pros and Cons of Exposed Ceilings

Exposed ceilings can give your home a modern look, but they also come with a few sacrifices.

Get the Feel of a Bigger Space

Exposed ceilings will make your home feel bigger! They are typically higher than a full ceiling and will create an airy space.

If you have large windows, exposed ceilings allow for a lot of natural light. If natural lighting is important to you, this kind of ceiling could be a great choice for your home!

You can also get creative with how you design the lighting in your house. Personalize the space with a funky chandelier or use the ceiling wires to make something new!

Increased Cost and Maintenance

Having an exposed ceiling does come at a price. It will cost more to heat or cool a room with this type of ceiling since there’s more air to control in the space.

Installing an exposed ceiling is also very expensive – especially if you need to add molding for ceiling wires! Covering up any ceiling wires will cost you extra, but you can always DIY this project to save some money.

Cleaning an exposed ceiling will be a bit more difficult because of the height and complexity of some wiring layouts. You’ll need some extra help changing a light bulb or dusting off the wires!

Final Thoughts

There are many effective ways to hide ceiling wires! You can go with classic cord covers or just paint over them so they can blend in nicely.

Use your exposed ceiling to create a new lighting arrangement or install crown molding for a sophisticated look.

Make sure to do your research before attempting any DIY project involving wires. Wear the recommended safety gear for whichever project you take on and always contact a professional if you need help!

If you’re thinking about whether or not you should have an exposed ceiling in your home, consider the pros and cons to find the best choice for your budget.

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