How to Hide Pipes in Bathroom – Keep Water Lines Out of Sight!

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Bathroom pipes can be unsightly! However, rerouting plumbing is expensive, invasive, and time-consuming. There are simple, inexpensive ways to hide bathroom pipes that will enhance the look of your bathroom!

Many older homes have exposed pipes in the bathroom. There are many ways to hide the pipes without rerouting the plumbing. You could build a cabinet, box, or wall around the pipes, cover them with a fabric curtain, wrap them with rope or tape, paint them, or simply place decorative objects in front of them. Make sure to allow for easy access to the pipes in case of a plumbing emergency.

Creative Ways to Hide Bathroom Pipes

You don’t have to look at those pipes any longer! There are many ways to hide pipes! Whether you want a simple solution or a custom design, pick one of these designs to keep your water lines out of sight! You may want to pick a design that allows for easy access to the pipes, in case you need to have them serviced.

Construct a Cabinet

Premade cabinets are available at home stores everywhere. A cabinet not only allows easy access to plumbing and pipes but also adds much-needed storage to your bathroom! If you are a DIY warrior, install the cabinet yourself. Otherwise, hire a contractor to do the job.

Add a Shelf

A shelf is another pipe-hiding solution that will also add extra storage to your bathroom. Build shelves around the pipe. Place decor and supplies on the shelves to further hide the pipes. A small under-sink shelf like this is easy to construct with some lumber, or pre-made models like these are available.

Add a Column

A column can add a classy look to your bathroom. Place a false column around the pipes. Purchase a column like this or build one to your specifications. Create an opening in the back of the column for the pipes, then fit the column over the pipes. The column will cover the pipes and be easy to remove if needed.

Cover Pipes with Plants

If you have a green thumb, this tip is for you! Place some of your potted plants in front of the pipes. Long pipes can even be covered with a climbing plant.

Build a Wall

A small amount of lumber, drywall, or wainscotting can hide pipes from view. Be creative – build the wall to match the rest of the room. Frame the area around the pipes, hang and finish drywall, paint it as desired, then add a trim.

Install a Sink Skirt

Sink Skirts are an easy, inexpensive way to hide pipes! Purchase a skirt, or head to the fabric store and make your own. As an added bonus, the area behind the skirt is great for out-of-sight storage. Double-sided Velcro tape is a great way to hang sink skirts.

Add Pipe Coverings

There are a lot of creative ways to wrap up those pipes to make them look more attractive or help them blend into the background.


Wrap pipes with rope to create a decorative look. Pick any color! Go with a rustic rope or a smooth rope. There are a lot of options! Either wrap the rope around the pipe or use a braid pattern.


Washi tape comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and patterns. Wrap up your pipes any way you like. This is a fun project for a kids’ bathroom! Allow them to pick the tape and personalize their space.


Fake vines can lend an outdoor look to your bathroom. Purchase lengths of silk greenery from a craft store. Attach the vines to the top of the pipe and wrap them around the length.

Wood Pipe Wrapping

Wood wrap tape is another simple way to give pipes a natural look. A wood wrap will make the pipes look more like pillars, rather than exposed pipes.

Fabric Pipe Covers

Fabric pipe covers are available on Amazon or Etsy. If you’re a creative person, sew, knit, or crochet your own pipe covers!

Place Containers in Front of the Pipes

Decorations, such as baskets, boxes, and containers will dress up the space, hide pipes, and act as storage. Containers are easy to rearrange and replace if you want to change your decor.

Put on a Coat of Paint

Camouflage pipes with a coat of paint! Make sure to wear a respirator mask and gloves during this project, especially if your bathroom is not well ventilated.

Here are some brief instructions on how to paint bathroom pipes:

  • Clean and sand the pipes first.
  • Protect the surrounding area with drop cloths or plastic sheeting.
  • Pick a spray paint that is made for your type of pipes. There are paints for both metal and PVC pipes.
  • Spray the pipes.
  • Allow them to dry, then apply another coat.
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