How to Keep Curtains & Rods from Sliding – Keep them Together!

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Curtains that never stay put can be an annoying eyesore! Don’t waste any more time rearranging your curtains! Keep your rod and curtains in place with these tips.

Curtains slide around for many reasons. It could be that the fabric is too heavy for the rod, the rod is the wrong size, or the rod is not installed correctly.

To keep your curtains in place, you can install a set screw at the back of each bracket. Or, if your curtains and rod are not the right combination, replace components of your window treatment so that they will stay in place. There are several other DIY curtain hacks as well, including rubber bands, command strips, or string.

Why Are My Curtains Sliding?

Misbehaving curtains can not only be frustrating, but they can also be dangerous! If your rod or curtains crash to the floor, they could injure someone! Usually, curtains slip for one or more of these reasons:

  • The curtain rod is the wrong size – Either the rod is too short, too long, or too lightweight.
  • The curtains are too heavy – Heavy fabric, such as velvet, needs a strong curtain rod to hold it up.
  • The curtain rod brackets are not installed properly – Brackets that are either too narrow or too wide do not support the curtains well.
  • There are not enough brackets- Curtains, especially heavy curtains, may need to have multiple brackets to help hold the rod in place.

How Can I Fix Sliding Curtains?

If you have sliding curtains, there are many solutions to your problem! Give a few of these a try to keep your curtains in place.

Tension Rods

A tension rod is held in place with a spring mechanism that presses against the inside of a window frame.

Clean and Repair the Window Frame

Keeping your window frames clean is necessary as tension rods are pressed against the insides of them. Check your window frame for dirt, dust, and defects, and make the necessary repairs. Any little defect may affect the way the tension rod works.

Use Command Strips

Command strips are a great way to keep your tension rod in place! Just trim one of the strips to fit between the end of the rod and the window frame on each end.

Replace the Rod

A tension rod relies on its spring mechanism to stay in place. Those springs can wear out over time. If your tension rod is suddenly slipping, it may be time to replace it. Fortunately, tension rods are fairly inexpensive to replace!

Replace the Curtains

A tension rod is not able to hold up heavy curtains! Find lightweight curtains for your tension rod.

Rods with Brackets

A rod with brackets is attached with screws directly to the wall next to or above the window frame.

Install a Set Screw

Look at your bracket. You may notice a small hole on the bottom or backside of the bracket. This hole is for a set screw. Place a set screw through the bracket and into the curtain rod. This will keep the rod from rolling in the bracket.

Install a Center Bracket

A long curtain rod may sag under the weight of the curtains. Installing multiple brackets along the wall will help evenly distribute the weight of the rod and curtains and eliminate sagging.

Make the Curtain Rod Longer

Here is a simple solution to keep your curtains on the outside edge of your curtain rod. Extend the curtain rod about an inch past the outer brackets. Hang the curtains so that the outer ring or loop is in the space between the end of the rod and the bracket.

Replace the Curtains

Your curtains may be too heavy for the curtain rod! If you have tried everything and still have slipping curtains due to a sagging curtain rod, the problem may be the weight of the curtains on the rod. Try a lightweight fabric like cotton or chiffon.

Replace the Rod

The other obvious solution to a sagging curtain rod is to replace the rod with a sturdier model. If you love your curtains but they are too heavy for your rod, visit your local home goods store to find a heavy-duty curtain rod that will be up to the task.

You can also head over to Amazon to order a set online. I recommend this one as it’s quite sturdy and is highly acclaimed.

Other Solutions for Keeping Sliding Curtains Together

Here are some other DIY hacks for sliding curtains.

Pull a String Through the Curtains

Use a thin string that matches the color of the curtains. Feed it through the first and last loop of the curtain. Arrange the curtains on the rod until you achieve the look you want. Once the curtains are arranged, tie the string behind the curtains.

Your curtains will stay perfectly gathered, held in place by the string! However, do keep in mind that you will not be able to open and shut the curtains with the string in place.

Use a Rubber Band

Purchase rubber bands that match the color of your curtain rod. Position the rubber bands along the rod at intervals. They will catch the loops of the curtain and keep them from sliding.

Use Command Strips

Command strips to the rescue once again! There are multiple ways to use handy command strips to hold your curtains in place.

Place a command strip in each bracket, then press the curtain rod into place. The sticky strip should keep the rod steady.

Cut small pieces of command strips and fix them along the back of the rod where they will be out of sight. Press the loops of the curtains to the command strips. This will stick the fabric directly to the rod.

It goes without saying that you should not use this method if you intend to open and close the curtains regularly.

Final Thoughts

Don’t give up on slippery, sliding curtains! Take a step back and evaluate your fabric, rod, and curtain set up. You may need to make an adjustment or two. If all the adjustments are not working, try another one of our DIY curtain hacks to keep those curtains in place for good!

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