How Much Does Molly Maid Cost? – 2024 Prices / Current Rates

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Molly Maid cleaning services are quite popular throughout the US, CA, UK, and even parts of Asia. They offer maid and cleaning services to homes and offices.

The highly identifiable blue and pink colors of the company are linked to reliable maid services, especially for people with large homes and businesses.

These services are often thought to be very expensive and exclusive, but how much does it cost to get your home professionally cleaned by a maid?

Molly Maid does not have a set flat rate but provides a free no-commitment estimate based on your home size and cleaning requirements. A rough price estimate for a deep clean is about $75 an hour for two maids. This translates to around $300 for 4 hours to clean a standard home of 2,000 square feet, with 3 bedrooms.

Rough Estimate of the Cost of Molly Maid

For the professional cleaning service from Molly Maid, you could pay between $70 to $100 for two cleaners for an hour of cleaning. This means that for a standard 3-bedroom house of about 2,000 square feet, you could be paying around $250 to $350 for a 4-hour cleaning service.

Prices for heavy cleaning range from $200 for a 2 to 3-hour one-time cleaning service to $100 for bi-weekly maintenance and $70 for weekly maintenance services. A monthly cleaning service could cost you from $100. The company is known to sometimes offer discounts on recurring cleaning services.

How is the Price Determined?

Molly Maid provides customized and individualized cleaning services that are dependent on your home size and your specific requirements. This means that they cannot charge a standard rate or flat fee for their services.

The service level you choose and the size of your house will impact the price to make them accessible to all and more affordable. Once you contact Molly Maid, the company will make an appointment with you to send a consultant to your home to determine the price.

What Can You Expect During a Consultation Session?

Booking a consultation with Molly Maid does not bind you to any agreement and is a free service. The consultant will come to your home to do a full walk-through to understand your unique cleaning needs.

The consultant will visit each room with you and discuss the cleaning options for each and what your expectations are. This takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Afterward, they will provide you with an affordable estimate customized for your needs that outlines your requirements.

The estimate will be explained to you as it will include the cost of the initial cleaning and the follow-up maintenance cleaning thereafter. The initial cleaning service is a spring or deep clean service that requires more time and effort. This service will bring your home to the standard that Molly Maid wants to maintain.

The regular cleaning sessions thereafter will be cheaper and quicker and will keep your house clean and to your liking. Their service levels range from one-time cleaning, monthly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning to weekly cleaning options.

What Do You Pay For?

It is difficult to balance a busy lifestyle, career, family time with keeping your home as clean as you would like it to be. Hiring a cleaning service is popular as it is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time person. It also comes with less of a legal obligation in terms of offering benefits to an employee.

A cleaning service gives you one thing less to worry about. They will keep your house to the standard you want and will take care of the heavy lifting cleaning like under the sofa or inside the oven, etc to keep appliances working optimally.

You also do not have to remember to book a cleaning service as you agree to a routine cleaning schedule that suits you.

Tips for Using Molly Maids

There are always things to consider with any service and the cleaning service from Molly Maid is no exception.

During your consultation, be very specific with what you want. If you want the couches moved and the balcony cleaned, then state it. During the cleaning service feel free to remind them.

Do not expect perfection or that you will not have to do any cleaning yourself. Even a bi-weekly service will still leave you with things to straighten, pack away, and clean.

It is also advisable to find the cleaner most suited to your standards and request to have the same cleaner clean your home. This way you can build up a level of trust and have a person that understands your needs clean your home.

Final Thought

Cleaning services can be costly and may not be up to your standard or expectations. If you can afford the cost and feel that the additional cleaning the service provides will benefit you, getting a cost estimate for your home will be the next step. See what Molly Maid will cost to clean your home.

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  1. I use MM and they were definitely not worth the cost. 2 ppl working 3 hours and manager had to come back and reclean. Some things still not clean. One woman spent an hour in the bathroom and there was still dust on stuff and tops of door frames and they didn’t even mop the bathroom floor. Very lazy job. They charged me $435. Outrageous amount for what they did. Crumbs still in the corner of the kitchen. Missed wiping the front of the dishwasher.. the list goes on and on. I’ll never use them again nor recommend them. It’s possible these two don’t reflect all of MM workers, but the manager assured me they cleaned as they’d been trained. Definitely need a new and better training system. Plus more equipment.

    • The ones that came to my house did… basically Murphys spray for cleaning everything and Fabuoso mixed spray is what they used on my floor. Left a dull film on the linoleum and missed a sticky spot near the dishwasher. I had remop with swiffer wet jet.
      I would definitely not trust the products they used to be sanitizing. In fact, they didn’t even clean my back door knob area.

  2. I am looking for a one time deep cleaning and then twice a month price. We have a Garden Home in a senior area. We have 1500 square feet. We have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
    Could you send us an email. Thank you.

    Donna Laflin
    [email protected]

    • Hi This is ” So Fresh and So Clean Clean House Cleaning Service” I will be delighted to come meet your need of cleaning asap! Will you contact me at 864-553-5517 so we can get things so fresh and clean for you. You deserve it!


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