What to Put in a Lazy Susan Cabinet? – Storage Ideas & Tips!

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Looking to reorganize your Lazy Susan cabinet? Here are some helpful storage tips to get the most out of your corner space!

Whether you are reorganizing your kitchen or looking to fill new cabinet space, find what storage options work best for you!

Lazy Susan cabinets make great use of corner space and keep your counters free of extra clutter. From pantry refills and spices to bulky kitchen appliances like rice cookers, there are plenty of storage options for your rotating shelves. You can also keep pans, baking dishes, tupperware, condiments and a lot of other useful items in a Lazy Susan.

What is a Lazy Susan Cabinet?

A Lazy Susan cabinet is a circular set of shelves that can rotate 360 degrees and typically sits inside a corner kitchen cabinet.

Benefits of Rotating Shelves

Lazy Susan cabinets are a great use of corner spaces! The rotating shelves allow for ample storage that can be accessed quickly. They can really benefit smaller kitchens and provide extra cabinet space.

Store the items you use most frequently on the top shelf of a Lazy Susan cabinet for the easiest access.

What Do I Put in a Lazy Susan Cabinet?

A Lazy Susan cabinet can store a variety of items. Some homeowners prefer using it for bulky appliances they don’t take out often. Others take advantage of this rotating space for pantry refills and small snacks.

Pans and Baking Dishes

For the avid baker, consider storing your baking pans and dishes in a Lazy Susan cabinet. Depending on how much space you have in the cabinet, it can be beneficial to keep your pans here – especially if you have an excess of baking appliances.

If you are not a frequent baker, use the Lazy Susan cabinet to store typical baking ingredients like flour, sugar, baking soda, and even sprinkles!

Turn It into a Spice Rack

Spices can take up a lot of cabinet space in your kitchen. Store them in a Lazy Susan cabinet for quick access! Doing this also keeps your counter space neat and frees up room in your bigger kitchen cabinets.

Oils like canola oil for baking and olive oil are also great options for your Lazy Susan cabinet if the space allows for taller items.

Tupperware and Containers

Another option is to store your tupperware on these rotating shelves. Stack them on top of one another to keep them organized and easily accessible.

Glass containers can also fit nicely here! Make sure you’re aware of how sturdy your shelves are before adding heavy items to the cabinet.

Rarely Used Appliances

If you own any appliances that you don’t use often, store them in a Lazy Susan cabinet. Appliances like rice cookers, salad spinners, food processors or colanders are good options for this space depending on how frequently you’d like to access them.

Pantry Items and Refills

Snacks and pantry refills can also be stored in your Lazy Susan cabinet. If your rotating shelves have rails on the sides, pantry items are a great choice since they won’t be able to fall off the shelves easily.

Create a Condiment Cabinet

Make a space for all your condiments in a Lazy Susan cabinet. Dedicate the top shelf to unopened condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. Your family will know right where  to go for hamburger and hot dog toppings!

How Do I Install a Lazy Susan Cabinet?

Although it’s possible to install a Lazy Susan cabinet yourself, you’ll need to have basic woodworking skills and experience with the tools needed for the project. If that sounds like too big of a challenge, consider hiring a professional to install the cabinet for you.

Professional Installation or DIY

Search for local carpenters in your area to install a Lazy Susan cabinet for you! It will be easier to install if you are in the process of building your cabinets. You can even do it yourself if you feel up to the challenge.

You will be able to access the corner space more easily if you don’t have a top on your cabinet yet. You’ll need to acquire the necessary materials for this project and have experience working with a drill. Read any instructions thoroughly before construction and contact a professional with any concerns.

Use an Existing Cabinet

It’s possible to build rotating shelves in an existing cabinet. This project will be more difficult if the cabinet is already built, so hiring a carpenter is advised to get the job done right!

Final Thoughts

Lazy Susan cabinets can be used to store anything from bulky blenders to baking ingredients. They are a convenient use of space in smaller kitchens and can hold a variety of items.

If you need a spot for your panini press or want to reorganize your spices in a more accessible manner, a Lazy Susan cabinet can work to fit your needs.

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