Where Can I Get Balloons Filled with Helium? – An Extensive List!

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Shopping for party supplies can be exciting, but also slightly overwhelming at times. When you’re planning for a party, finding a store that fits all of your needs can be convenient, but possibly a bit difficult if you’re looking to purchase or fill helium balloons for your event.

There are several stores that offer pre-filled helium balloons, along with helium tanks for independent fill-ups, keep reading below to find the perfect retailer for you!

Where Can I Purchase and Fill Helium Balloons?

You can buy helium balloons and get them filled at retailers like Dollar Tree, CVS, and Party City. There are a few Walmart locations that also fill helium balloons upon purchase. Helium balloons can typically be filled at floral shops and grocery store floral departments including Publix and Albertsons.

If you’re looking to fill your balloons independently at home, there are helium tanks available for purchase through Hobby Lobby, Party City, Walmart, Michael’s, and even Target!

If you’re looking to order a specific size or custom-made balloons, you may also want to consider checking Etsy or Amazon for options.

How Much Do Helium Balloons Cost?

Latex helium-filled balloons are available for an average of $0.50, and they should never cost more than $1 as they’re one of the cheapest options. Meanwhile, metallic and foil balloons, also known as Mylar balloons, range from $1 to $4. For jumbo or oversized helium balloons, pricing may be a bit higher, averaging from $7 to $15.

After the purchase of a helium balloon, most retailers offer to fill the balloons for free. Retailers who include free helium fill-ups with purchase include Walmart, CVS, Party City, and Dollar Tree. Some other retailers charge a small fee to fill helium balloons, and these fees may vary based on the size of the balloon and the style (i.e. metallic, latex, etc.)

What If I Bought Balloons from a Store that Doesn’t Offer Helium Fill-Ups?

If you purchased your inflated balloons from a store that doesn’t offer helium, you can have them filled at Party City or CVS for a small fee.

If you purchase Party City balloons online, you can bring them in at any time and show your receipt to have them filled for free. Dollar Tree and applicable Walmart locations will not fill balloons purchased by any other retailers.

Metallic, Foil, and Latex Balloons

Metallic and foil balloons are much more durable than Latex and they can stay inflated for around two weeks.

Metallic and foil balloons, also referred to as Mylar, can be filled at available Walmart locations, Dollar Tree, CVS, and Party City. Latex balloons can also be filled at all of the following retailer locations, other than Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Balloons

Dollar Tree is a great retailer for party supplies and they typically have a wide variety of balloon options, including pre-filled helium balloons. If balloons are purchased in-store, the cost to fill them starts at $1, but the price may range a bit depending on the size of the balloon being filled.

If you purchase your balloons online, you can bring them to your nearest store location, with your receipt, for a free helium fill-up.

For anyone on a budget, Dollar Tree is definitely the way to go. They also offer a wide variety of themes and styles for parties, along with plenty of party decor to match your balloons. For children’s parties, Dollar Tree has good-quality and fairly priced options for party favors and treats!

CVS Pharmacy

If you purchase balloons from CVS, you can have them filled at the store for free, which is extremely convenient. If you purchase balloons out of the store and you’d like CVS to fill them, it’s always best to check with your location before going in, as some outlets may not offer this option.

The charge for balloons purchased outside of the store is relatively low but it ultimately depends on the size of the balloon.

CVS does offer some basic party supplies, but they aren’t the top-rated retailer for party supplies or even balloons. CVS is also notorious for long receipts and slightly higher than necessary prices, so there are definitely better options to choose from, in my opinion.

Walmart – Hit or Miss?

There aren’t as many Walmart locations that have the ability to fill helium balloons on-site, so be sure to check with your local store beforehand. You may be lucky to find a Walmart near you that sells and fills helium balloons, but this isn’t very common.

Upon purchase, Walmart charges a small fee to fill balloons, starting at $0.25, which increases depending on the size of your balloon.

Helium tanks are also available for purchase at Walmart, which allows customers to fill their balloons on their own.

Even if your local Walmart doesn’t have helium balloon fill-ups in-store, you’ve still got the perfect store for all of your party needs. Walmart has multiple options available when it comes to helium tanks and balloon kits, starting as low as $30.

Walmart also offers pre-made and custom-made cakes for all occasions, party supplies, and plenty of gift options. If you’re planning a party for your tiny human, the craft section can also be a great place to check for some additional party supplies and activities!

Party City

Party City offers helium balloons at each location, nationwide. Balloons bought in-store and online can be filled by Party City for free at any time, just be sure to keep your receipt handy! If you purchase your balloons from another store, Party City will also fill them for a small fee.

Latex balloons are available for $1, while Mylar balloons range from $2 to $8, depending on the size of the balloon. Along with a wide variety of balloons, themes, and sizes, Party City also offers balloon accessories and plenty of party decor. Party City also offers free shipping for online orders, as well as same-day delivery!


At most locations, Kroger offers helium balloon fill-ups in their floral department. Kroger also offers pre-filled helium balloons and they’ll fill balloons bought outside of the store as well. Pricing for filling the helium balloons starts at $1 for latex and $2 for Mylar balloons.

Kroger doesn’t have a very wide variety of pre-filled helium balloon options in-store, but they also have basic party supplies and gifts. Kroger also has plenty of fresh food to choose from, including veggie and cheese trays, fresh deli meats, and bakery options.

The bakery also allows customers to place orders for custom cakes, which can be done conveniently on your smartphone!

More Places to Fill Helium Balloons

Party Depot

Nationwide chains, such as Party Depot, also fill helium balloons in-store. At Party Deport, pricing for balloons is slightly cheaper, with latex balloons available starting at $0.75, and Mylar balloons starting at $0.90. Party Depot has much more than just the standard balloons, which makes them one of the best overall options.

Party Depot offers twist & shape balloons, which can be used in a variety of creative ways. Jumbo balloons, which range from 26” to 59”, are available starting at $10. There are a wide variety of balloon themes offered at Party Depot, including sports, gender reveal themed, and holiday balloons.

Local Grocery & Floral Stores

Local grocery stores, like Smith’s and Publix, are also great places to check for helium balloons and fill-ups. Floral stores, which commonly use helium balloons in their packages, could also be a good place to check for helium balloons, although these options are usually not even considered.

Stores that Offer Helium Balloon Tanks and Kits


Unfortunately, Target doesn’t currently sell or fill helium balloons at any of their locations. However, helium tanks are available for purchase at Target, which allows you to fill balloons independently. Pricing for Target’s helium tanks starts at $25 and varies by size.

Despite the lack of pre-filled helium balloons, Target has a range of party supplies, gifts, party favors, and much more. If you choose Target as your shopping destination, you could also consider making a quick stop at the front for some Starbucks or Auntie Anne’s, which several Target locations have available in-store!


Michaels does not fill helium balloons, but they do sell helium balloon kits, which include the necessary tanks for independent filling. The full helium balloon kits are available for purchase at Michaels for $40, which is relatively fair pricing compared to some of their competitors.

Michaels also sells other party supplies, including cards, party decorations, and plenty of crafts and activities for your event.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby also sells balloons and helium tanks, but these items are sold separately. Balloon pricing starts out at $2, pricing varies by balloon size and design. Hobby Lobby has large helium tanks that are available for $50, which is slightly pricer than some previously mentioned competitors, but possibly worth it if you’re looking for balloons with LED lights and glitter.

Stores that Don’t Sell Helium Balloons

Depending on your generation, you may remember the party aisle full of pre-filled helium balloons in Kmart, but these are no longer sold at any of the remaining locations that are still open.

Kmart no longer sells pre-filled helium balloons, but they do sell packaged balloons and other basic party supplies. If you’re able to find an open location near you, Kmart isn’t the worst option, but their prices still seem a bit high compared to most competitors.

Overall, there are plenty of options for helium balloons, tanks, and other party supplies. Pricing for helium balloons varies by location, but most of these locations listed offer great products with fair prices!

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