Black Interior Windows with White Trim Ideas (+ Pros & Cons!)

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If you are wanting to upgrade your interior windows, black windows are a timeless choice. Not only do they add beautiful contrast, but they can help make your home appear more expensive than it really is.

Black interior windows with white trim can be made to match with almost any type of decor. Whether you are wanting either a timeless or modern look, they can serve as both a bold accent piece or as a neutral component that ties the whole room together.

The added curb appeal of black windows against white trim can also help your house to stand out.

Where Can I Install Black Windows with White Trim?

While you can technically have every window in your house fitted with white trim against a black window, there are a few areas where it looks especially striking.

The Front of the House

Depending on your exterior paint color, the black windows alone can help to add much-needed contrast, especially among neutral exterior colors. While white windows against a tan exterior paint can look clean, switching the white windows for black windows gives a sudden “pop”, giving your house an easy & elegant facelift.

Large, Open Family Rooms

If you have an open concept family room, consider adding some visual separation with black windows. You can match the undertone of your white trim to the undertone of your existing interior paint while still maintaining an aesthetic color palette.

In Your Kitchen

While some floor plans have the kitchen situated near the middle of the house therefore eliminating the potential for them to have windows, some homeowners are lucky enough to have windows in their kitchen to let it natural light. Adding black windows with white trim to kitchen windows can help round out the overall theme or decor of your kitchen.

It can be especially beautiful if you are able to match your windows to the finish of your appliances and current fixtures, such as the existing drawer pulls, faucets, and switch plate covers. This can help give your kitchen a cohesive, consistent theme.

Bay Windows

There is nothing quite as striking as a classic, three-paneled bay window. If you couple your black and white window design with a beautiful bay window setup, it can help to really capture the charm of your entire house. Bonus if you add some sleek decor & a matching window seat.

Pros, Cons, & Some Things to Consider

Just like with any home remodeling project, some care should be taken when deciding on what will work best for your particular house. Things such as cost, placement, and the current look of the house are all things to consider.


As mentioned before, black windows with white trim add the highly sought after contrast that many homeowners are looking for. They can refresh the look of the house, both inside and out, and may potentially help with the resale value as well.

Aside from being visually stunning, black and white are both versatile, so the design options are limitless. They can be made to match well with soft, neutral colors, or can increase the sharpness around bright, bold colors.


While black windows against white trim can be a great choice for a lot of homeowners, they may not be a fit for everybody. First, the price point of black windows tends to be higher than a traditional white-colored window frame. This is mostly attributed to the fact that they aren’t carried in as high of a quantity as other frame colors, therefore, they may need to be special ordered.

If the cost isn’t a deterrent when you’re window shopping, the dispersion of natural light around your home is something else to keep in mind. Since black tends to absorb light instead of reflecting it, black windows that look appealing in the showroom may not be as beautiful in the sun-drenched corners of your house and their finish may get washed out by natural sunlight.

Things to Consider

When it comes to trim color, trim can be ordered or painted in a variety of undertones. Take care to match these tones as best as you can when installing your trim to avoid any clashes of color that may strike the eye negatively.

Try not to make your decor too busy surrounding your black windows. Too much visual noise can detract from the natural framing ability that black windows are famous for. Opt for a clean, thematically consistent setup, both inside and outside.

Final Thoughts

Black windows with white trim have limitless design ideas, and can really help to refresh both the inside and outside of your house. After taking into consideration the costs, setup, and current decor of your house, it will be easy to find the right windows to complement your style.

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