Alternatives to Chandelier Over Dining Table – Lighting Ideas!

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Looking for something to brighten up your dining room? Here are a few ideas on how to add light to your dining space without installing a chandelier.

Brighten up your dining room with a light that matches your home’s interior. Your dining room light can also double as art if you’re looking for that perfect accent piece!

Instead of an old-fashioned chandelier over your dining table, you can go for a contemporary lamp or mounted wall lights to illuminate your dining space. From decorative table lamps to simple string lights, you can choose from a variety of chandelier alternative lighting options that work best for your dining room.

Alternative Lighting

Not all dining rooms need a chandelier! Try something different with these creative and innovative ideas that will lighten up your dinner parties.

Contemporary and Modern

Find a light that matches your modern home! Go for something contemporary and sleek that elevates your dining space. Dining room lights don’t have to look old-fashioned.

Try a modern light with a linear shape to keep with your contemporary theme.

Lighting fixtures don’t have to be big to produce strong light. Find a small, but mighty light that contributes to the minimalist theme of your dining room.

Find Something Unique

Lighting doesn’t have to be conventional. Choose a piece that fits your personal style and matches the interior of the room.

Go for an edgy neon light to add some creativity and color to the space. You can even order a custom neon sign to personalize your dining room.

If you’re looking for something different, try a moonlight for a fun twist on a classic lamp.

Table Lamps

An easy solution to add new lighting to your dining room is a table lamp. If you have ample table space, place two decorative lamps in the center for a simple, yet effective way to brighten up the room.

This is a good option if your table is near a wall with easy access to plugs.

Hang a Plant

Add some new greenery! Draw the eyes up to an indoor planter for an earthy dining room look. Insert plant-safe string lights around the planter to brighten up the space.

String Lights

Go for something simple with string lights! If you’re not looking to hang a big light, string small ones across the ceiling for a dainty lighting look.

Floor Lamps

Another non-hanging option is a floor lamp. This is a practical option if your dining table is located in a corner or near a wall with a plug. Choose an arched light that hangs over the table to brighten up your mealtime!

Mounted Wall Lights

This is another great option for a dining table next to a wall. Mount wall lights that match your home’s interior to illuminate the space.

Play with Texture

Find a lamp with texture! Paper lamps are a popular and modern choice for a contemporary home. The lampshade texture will make your space stand out and add a fun element to the room.

Find a New Art Piece

Pick out a lamp that also acts as an art piece! Beaded lamp shades are a tasteful option that will give your dining room a sophisticated look.

If you have a sizable budget for your light fixture, find a hand-blown glass lamp that will work as a new art piece and illuminate the dining room.

Multiple Light Sources

Instead of hanging a light from the ceiling, mix and match different lighting options. If your table is placed near a wall, use mounted lights and a floor lamp to really brighten up the space.

Repurpose a Fish Tank

This might sound a bit crazy, but I’ve already covered in this post how you can repurpose your existing (empty) fish tank and transform it into a unique piece of chandelier.

This does require a bit of work, but the basic idea is using your aquarium as a glass cage for the hanging lights.

Find a Bright Centerpiece

If you’re not looking to hang a light from the ceiling, try finding a new centerpiece for your dining table.

Cordless Options

Table lamps are an easy solution to adding more light in your dining room. Find a cordless lamp to sit on your table and brighten up the space with ease.

Table lamps don’t have to be bulky. Find a sleek cordless lamp that will highlight a contemporary home.

Floral Lighting Arrangement

If you like floral centerpieces, try branch lights to fill the center of your dining table and brighten up the room. These illuminated twigs can be placed in a vase and will complement an earthy home.

Dinner by Candlelight

Go old-school and brighten up your dining room with candles! Candles will give your dining room a rustic look while also reducing your electricity bill.

Try caged candles for a farmhouse chic appearance. When you’re not using the cages for candles, place a succulent inside to give them another use.

Pros of a Chandelier

Chandeliers can be tricky to install, but they can also be a long-lasting element in your dining room space.

Appreciation Value

Chandeliers have an appreciation value, so over time the price and value of your chandelier will increase. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, a chandelier might be the right option for you.

Change the Shade

Another pro of having a chandelier is that you can always keep the light in place and change the shade to match the theme of your dining room.

This is a good option if you like to switch up the interior of your home every once in a while.

Cons of a Chandelier

Although having a chandelier is a classic way to go, there are things to consider when investing in a hanging light fixture.

Professional Installation

You will need to hire someone to install the chandelier. Most of the time, it’s not an easy DIY project that you can learn how to do yourself.

It’s important to get the light fixture professionally installed for any safety concerns.


Chandeliers need maintenance over time. You will need to clean and dust the chandelier frequently. If you have a wooden chandelier, you’ll have to keep an eye out for rot and warped wood.

Find an Affordable Option

Not all lighting fixtures need to break the bank! Look around second-hand shops and affordable home goods stores to find a light fixture that fits your budget.

Warehouse Stores

If you’re not picky about the design or quality of your lighting fixture, head over to a warehouse store like IKEA or Home Depot to find an affordable lamp.

Thrift Your Light Fixture

Check the local thrift shops for good deals on high-quality lamps! If you don’t have a strict timeline to find new lighting, take your time checking second-hand stores for a used and unique lamp.

DIY a Light Fixture

To crafty homeowners, I’d suggest making your own light fixture! Use heat-safe rope and the lightbulbs of your choice to create a personal light fixture that will fit right into your dining room space.

Final Thoughts

Figure out what kind of light fixture you’re looking for, whether it’s a cordless centerpiece or arched floor lamp. Put together a budget and see what options will best fit your price scale.

If you’re looking for an accent piece, find a hand-blown glass lamp that will work as both a new art piece and light fixture. Go minimalist with table candles or mount wall lights to brighten up your dining room space!

The important thing is that you find a light fixture that fits your budget and works with your dining room interior.

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