How to Hide a Metal Bed Frame – Cover It Up Easily!

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Metal bed frames are a practical and affordable option for every homeowner or renter. They are typically easy to put together, take apart, and transportable. However, these frames are not always easy on the eyes.

Hiding a metal bed frame does not have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, you probably already have the required things in your house!

Whether you are looking for a conventional solution or a creative quick fix to hide a metal bed frame, there are several options to choose from that can help transform your frame into something new. Depending on your preference, you can use traditional bed skirts, leg covers, oil-based paints, canopies, bed drapes and more.

How Can I Hide a Metal Bed Frame in a Traditional Way?

Go for a classic tried and true approach with one of these conventional options.

Find a Bed Skirt to Match Your Room

Bed skirts are one of the more popular ways to hide a metal bed frame. Find a bed skirt that works for your style. Wrap-around and detachable bed skirts are two simple choices when looking for a bed skirt that can be easy to use and attach to your bed frame.

Transform Your Bed with Frame Leg Covers

If bed skirts are a bit too outdated for you, try leg covers. Leg covers are a popular alternative to bed skirts and can even lift your bed frame for extra storage space underneath.

Made from all different kinds of material, from rubber to mahogany, these covers can hide the metal legs of the frame and upgrade your bedroom for a more sophisticated and refined look.

How Can I Hide a Metal Bed Frame to Fit My Personal Style?

Go for a DIY approach when hiding your metal bed frame if you are looking for a more individual and stylized look.

Paint the Metal Frame

If you want to match your metal bed frame to the style of your room and like to get crafty, look into painting!

Oil-based paints are the best choice when painting on metals. Enamel spray paint can also work to transform the look of your bed frame without using a brush. This method allows you to personalize your bed frame with color and flair!

Use Fabric to Create a New Frame

Get crafty with fabric! Cover your metal bed frame in the fabric of your choice to create a new look for your room.

Use adhesives to stick the fabric on the metal frame and shape it how you like. Set your pillows up nicely along the top of your bed to create a more put-together look!

Make Your Own Bed Skirt

Instead of purchasing a bed skirt, make your own! This can be easily done with any basic sewing skills or with sewing glue if you do not own a sewing machine.

Cut fabric to match the length of the sides of your frame and pin the new bed skirt around your mattress to hide the metal frame.

How Can I Hide a Metal Bed Frame Without Using a Bed Skirt?

Add a little more decor to your room by hiding your metal bed frame with a canopy or some velvet curtains.

Create a Canopy Paradise

If placed correctly, having a canopy over your bed can hide the legs of your metal bed frame. For something quick and easy, order a canopy online to place above your bed.

If your bed frame is not built for a canopy, do not worry! You can make your own by installing curtain rods to the ceiling and attaching the fabric to each rod. For a more romantic and elegant look, go for a sheer or silk fabric that appears light and still hides the frame.

Hang Curtains Above the Frame

Similar to a canopy, curtains can also be an effective way to hide your metal bed frame. The construction process is almost the same but typically done with thicker fabric.

Also known as bed drapes, curtains can be made out of chintz or velvet. Depending on what kind of coverage you are looking for, curtains can be a good choice for a more private space.

What is the Easiest Way to Hide a Metal Bed Frame?

From large comforters to flat sheets that can be found around your house, here are a few of the easiest options when covering up your bed frame.

Choose a Large Comforter

One of the easiest ways to hide your metal bed frame is to purchase a large comforter that will lay over the metal frame and legs. This is an easy-to-find purchase and can be an affordable choice depending on the fabric and quality.

It is one of the more simple options since once you throw it on your bed, the frame should be covered down to the floor as long as the frame is not too high up and the comforter is the right size for the mattress.

Find a Flat Sheet You Don’t Use

Flat sheets are easy to find, especially if you have any extra lying around the house. This is another simple method if you already have a flat sheet and are not too picky about how it looks.

This option might work best with a bed that is placed in the corner of your room. Place the sheet over the bed frame and under the mattress so it touches the ground on all sides. If your bed is not in the corner, try using an oversized sheet so it covers the frame all around.

Try an Oversized Blanket

Similar to the large comforter method, find an oversized blanket to cover your metal bed frame. Make sure it is large enough to touch the ground on all sides the frame is exposed for a complete frame-free look.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for an affordable solution or a more creative project, there is always a way to cover up your metal bed frame that does not break the bank or limit your creativity! The most important thing is to determine which option works best for you.

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