Stove Under Window – Placement Ideas & Detailed Pros & Cons

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A very popular trend for modern kitchens is having lots of big windows. They can let in tons of natural light and a fresh breeze. Not to mention they can give you a beautiful view while cooking.

This is why many would like to place their stove under a window. But before doing this, it is important to think of the pros and cons.

A window above the stovetop can provide better ventilation while cooking, natural lighting, and good views. However, it can come with potential fire risks due to the wind or curtains. Direct sunlight, extra cleaning, and less privacy are also possible drawbacks to a window above the cooktop.

Benefits of a Stove Under a Window

Placing your stove in front of a window has multiple pros. This kitchen layout is very aesthetically pleasing and can even be beneficial when cooking. Here are some pros to having your range placed under a window.


When the cooktop is under a window, this makes it very easy to get good, natural ventilation while cooking. If you’re cooking something with strong scents, like garlic, you can open the window for instant fresh air.

This can also be an advantage if you happen to burn something while cooking. By opening this well placed window wide, the smoke will quickly be pulled outside.

Natural Lighting

Another great thing about a window above the stove is all of the natural light you will get. Natural light in the kitchen does wonders for making the space more comfortable and welcoming.

This extra light can also be helpful while cooking. During the daylight hours you will be able to cook without using any electricity for lights. The sunlight from outdoors will be plenty for you to see what you’re doing while sauteing vegetables or frying some eggs.

Views While Cooking

Many people refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home. It’s no secret that when you enjoy spending time there, you are likely to cook more and make healthier meals. For this reason, having a stovetop with a view out of the window can be excellent.

Cooking while looking out at nature, your garden, or a nice sunset will be much more enjoyable and feel less like a chore. That’s why having a window in front of your cooktop can even make cooking more fun!

Drawbacks to Stove Under Window

Although placing your stove in front of a window has benefits, it comes with drawbacks as well. Some can even be safety concerns if not handled correctly.

Fire Hazard

The most important con to note about a range placed under a window is the potential fire hazard. This warning is most important for gas stoves, so electric and induction cooktops don’t apply here.

If the window is too close to the gas range, the wind could blow the flames. This is dangerous as it could catch anything near the flame on fire, such as a tea towel, curtains, or even your clothes.

For this reason, most building codes require a gas range to be at least 12 inches away from a window. Be sure to check your local building codes and regulations before planning your kitchen layout.

Another possible concern is how the heat from the stove can affect the window. Make sure that any window above a cooktop is tempered glass to withstand the extra heat.

Bright Sunlight In Your Eyes

While the natural light from a window by the stove can be great, it can also be a problem. If your window is facing east or west and gets strong direct sunlight, this can be more of a con than a pro.

This could mean that the sun will be very bright in your eyes when cooking during the early morning or before sunset. While curtains could help this problem, it is advised not to have curtains above a cooktop. Curtains in this position can be a dangerous fire hazard.

Range Hood Can Block Your Window’s Views

Most cooktops or ranges also use a hood placed above the stove. The hood improves the air quality in your kitchen by filtering out smoke, odors, and other cooking fumes.

However, if you would like to have a hood, this will block some of the window. If you would like to maximize your windowspace and keep the views unobstructed, placing the stove by the window may not be the best idea.

Difficult to Keep the Window Clean

One important thing to think about is how often you will likely need to clean the window placed above a cooktop. Most kitchens have a backsplash behind a stovetop. This can be wiped clean quickly and it isn’t too noticeable if there is a little mess.

However, when oil and other cooking residue splashes onto a window, it is much more noticeable. You will likely need to clean the window every day or every time you cook to keep it looking clean.

Also, when cleaning the backsplash, any rag will do. For a window, however, you will need to use appropriate glass cleaner to keep the window streak free.

Less Privacy

When you have your cooktop placed in front of a window, this also will mean less privacy while cooking. Especially if your window faces a neighboring house or towards the street.

At night when it is dark and you need to have your kitchen lights on, anyone will be able to see into your kitchen very easily.

Usually, this is when you would close your curtains or blinds. However, on a window above the stove, you can not have a curtain due to the fire risk. Therefore the window will always be easy to see through from the outside.

Stove Placement Ideas

Which is the best spot in the kitchen for a stove? The answer to this question depends on your kitchen’s layout as well as your personal preference. Here are some ideas and things to consider when deciding where to place your stove.

As Part of the Kitchen Island

Having your cooktop built into a kitchen island is a very popular choice and for good reason! The kitchen island provides plenty of counter space for prepping ingredients. With a stove on the island, you can easily have all of your ingredients within arm’s reach.

A kitchen island stove set up also makes the kitchen a more open and social space. If your stove is facing a wall, you are more isolated while cooking. On the kitchen island, you can easily chat with friends or family around the island while cooking.

Near the Sink

It is always a good idea to keep the stove relatively close to the sink. This will make cleaning up much easier. No need to navigate all the way around the kitchen carrying messy, hot pans.

However, you also don’t want your sink and stove top to be too close to each other. If they are right next to each other, this can give your kitchen a very cramped feeling. It will also cut down your available counter space around the stove.

Ideal Distance from other Appliances

When thinking of where to place your stove, you need to consider where it will be in relation to other appliances such as the fridge, microwave, oven, and even trash can. You want all of these frequently used kitchen appliances to be not too close or too far from one another.

If they are too close, this will make the kitchen cluttered and complicated traffic in the kitchen with multiple people. If they are too far, this can be very inconvenient when cooking.

When planning, try to imagine what it would be like to cook a meal with different setups. Would it be difficult to get from the fridge to the stove while grabbing different ingredients? Is there enough room for food prepping and dishwashing? Think of how you and your family use your kitchen and what would be most convenient for you.

Final Thoughts

There are many pros and cons to consider when deciding to place your stove under a window. Make sure you have thought about the hazards before making any official plans to change the layout in your kitchen.

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