Stove in Corner of Kitchen? Placement Ideas with Pros & Cons

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Find the best placement for your corner stove! Having a stove in the corner of your kitchen can have both pros and cons.

Corner stoves are a great option if you’re looking for a cohesive kitchen and efficient workspace. However, corner stoves can also create awkward angles when cooking and limit the size of your kitchen. Evaluate your kitchen layout to find the best use of corner space!

Can You Have a Corner Stove?

It’s possible to put a stove in the corner of your kitchen! Consider the pros and cons of doing this to make the best decision for your culinary space.

How to Install a Corner Stove

Before deciding on a corner stove, make sure it’s the right placement choice for your kitchen layout. When installing a corner stove, it’s recommended to build a false wall to avoid any fire hazards.

Corner stoves will require a recessed niche for the false wall. This means the corner stove will take up more wall space. Hire a contractor to install the corner stove with the correct measurements to ensure proper and safe function.

Precautions of Installing a Corner Stove

Corner stoves are built in front of a false wall to prevent any dangerous complications. If corner stoves are installed without a false wall, it’s possible that the side wall could ignite if there was a stovetop fire.

It’s important to properly ventilate your corner stove and distance it from any wooden cabinets to avoid fire hazards.

Pros of Corner Stoves

There are many pros of having a corner stove – especially if you’re a frequent cook!

Kitchen Work Triangle

A corner stove gives you the perfect setup for a work triangle. The kitchen work triangle concept is the idea that the three main sections of your kitchen should form a triangle: the stove, refrigerator, and sink.

This concept creates an ideal traffic flow for cooking in your kitchen. Corner stoves can help create this flow so you’ll be able to rotate between prepping next to the sink, cooking at the stove, and storing in the fridge.

The kitchen work triangle has slowly been replaced by kitchen islands and workstations. However, if you prefer a routine kitchen flow, a corner stove might be the right choice for you!

Extra Storage Space

Use the area behind the corner stove for storage! If you’re in need of more storage space for kitchen appliances, pots, or pans, use this extra space to keep your culinary items organized.

If you don’t need more space for kitchen appliances, use it for clothing storage or other miscellaneous items.

Organized Cooking

Corner stoves allow for easy organizing in the kitchen! Corner stoves help separate your kitchen space for efficient prepping and cooking.

Kitchens with corner stoves also look more put-together and cohesive if you’re looking for an aesthetic look.

Cons of Corner Stoves

Although corner stoves can establish a cohesive kitchen space, they can also take up room and create hard-to-reach spaces.

Wasted Wall Space

Since you will need to build a false wall behind your stove, there will be wasted wall space. If  you have a small kitchen, a corner stove might make it seem even smaller.

Some homeowners use the extra space behind the false wall for storage. However, if you don’t have a large house, corner stoves can be more of a nuisance than a positive addition to your kitchen.

Awkward Placement

Having a corner stove means reaching for the burner or into the oven at awkward angles. Be cautious of opening the oven door and always wear mittens when reaching into a hot oven.

It can also be awkward to cook when there’s more than one person in the kitchen. You might find yourself bumping elbows when you’re at the stove and someone else is beside you chopping vegetables.

However, this won’t be a problem if you’re a one-chef household!

Hard to Reach Angles

Depending on your kitchen layout, you might have space behind your corner stove that will be hard to reach. It might be more difficult to clean this area since you’ll have to reach across the stove at an angle.

Some corner stoves are built in front of false walls that have shelves or ledges. If this is the case, you might find yourself having to reach uncomfortably to clean and maintain the shelves.

Alternative Corner Uses

If you don’t want a corner stove, here are other options to use your corner space effectively!

Lazy Susan Cabinet

If you’re looking to get use out of your kitchen corner space, install a Lazy Susan cabinet. A Lazy Susan cabinet is a corner cabinet with rotating shelves.

The rotating shelves allow for ample storage that can be accessed quickly. They can really benefit smaller kitchens and provide extra cabinet space.

Store the items you use most frequently on the top shelf of a Lazy Susan cabinet for the easiest access.

Install Cabinet Drawers

Corners can always be used effectively as storage space. Install cabinet drawers in the corner of your kitchen to create extra storage space for any culinary appliances.

Opt for drawers since cabinet doors take up more space when they’re open. Tall cabinets can also work well in the corner and provide ample space for storage or pantry items.

Try Open Shelving

Make use of your corner space with open shelves. Open shelving is easy to install and provides extra storage space for kitchen appliances.

Use open shelves to decorate your kitchen with colorful vases or art pieces that complement your home.

Stacked Oven Wall

Turn your kitchen corner into a wall oven! Use the corner space to install two stacked ovens for easy access and convenient electrical hookup.

Wall ovens can be a good option if you’re looking for a more ergonomic height when baking or cooking.

Create a Contrasted Space

Paint the corner wall to create a fun contrasted space in your kitchen. Get creative with color and pick a bold paint to brighten up the kitchen.

Use this colorful corner as a bar and craft your own cocktails in this bold space. It’ll make the perfect spot for fun photos and will elevate your aesthetic design.

Add a Corner Sink

Instead of installing a stove, put a sink in the corner of your kitchen. This will be less complicated than installing a stove and give you ample space for a drying rack.

This layout will also help create a cohesive kitchen setup. You will have a place to prep, cook, and clean with ease. Corner sinks can still create a kitchen work triangle if you place your stove on a side wall.

Final Thoughts

There are many effective ways to design a kitchen with a corner! If you’re looking for space to put a stove, have a false wall installed in the corner before adding a stove to avoid any fire hazards.

Kitchen corners can also be turned into efficient storage shelves or sink spaces. You can create a bold space in your kitchen by painting the corner wall and brightening up the area with color.

Make sure to do your research and weigh the pros and cons before designing your kitchen corner!

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