How to Hide a Septic Tank Lid – Creative Septic Tank Cover Ideas!

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Everyone wants a beautiful, well-decorated lawn. Your lawn is a great place to host parties, for kids to play, or simply to enjoy some peaceful time in the outdoors! However, a septic tank lid can stand in the way of your landscaping goals.

Septic tanks should be pumped at least every three years and it is recommended that they are inspected annually. Therefore they can’t be simply covered over with dirt and new grass. By using the creative tips below, you can cover it up while bringing new life to your yard!

Septic tank lids need to be easily accessible for inspections and pumping, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be covered! Using flower beds, yard furniture, statues, decorative rocks, wells, or bridges, you can conceal the lid under decor that brings more value to your yard. Alternatively, you can decorate the lid with paint, tile, or stepping stones to make it more attractive.

Potted Plants or Planter Boxes

Using a garden to draw attention away from a septic tank lid is an easy way to make your yard look better. You can plant flowers to bring more color to your lawn or fruits and vegetables to enjoy fresh foods from your own home garden!

However, plants in the ground around the lid can be problematic. The roots from these plants can damage the pipes. For this reason it is best to use planters or pots instead.

One way to safely add plants is by placing wooden pallets or crates on top of the lid. You can then set one large potted plant or many small pots on top of and around the crate.

For a more expansive garden with many plants, you can use a raised planter box to cover the lid. Just be sure that it has a bottom and isn’t too heavy so that it can be easily removed for servicing your septic tank.

Fake Rocks

A very popular way to cover a septic tank lid is by using fake rock covers. These can be found in many realistic styles to match the rocks naturally found in your area so that they blend into your lawn seamlessly.

Additionally, these rock covers are hollow and lightweight. This means it will always be very easy to remove for easy inspections and servicing.

Decorative Well

Decorative wells add character to your yard and are a great way to cover up a septic tank lid. These can be left empty to look more like a real well or filled with flowers.

If you wish to fill the well with flowers, be sure to not fill it all the way with soil, as this will make it very hard to move when you need to have your septic tank serviced. Instead, use a raised planter in the center of the well or hang potted plants on hooks around the inner rim.

Decorative Bridge

Decorative bridge will cover your septic tank lid while also being a whimsical statement piece on your lawn. You can surround the bridge with flowers on either side or decorative rocks. As an added bonus, kids will love to play on it!

Bird Bath or Garden Statue

Birdbaths or garden statues can be placed directly on your septic lid to cover it while also adding decor to your yard. If some of the lid is still visible under the base of the bath or statue, try painting it to match either the grass or the statue.

To cover any extra lid visible around the base of the statue you can also use decorative gravel, rocks, or mulch. First, surround the area with a landscaping border to contain the gravel or mulch and stop it from spilling into the surrounding grass. Then fill the area with an even layer and set the statue on top.

Lawn Furniture

By placing your yard furniture on top of the septic tank lid it can easily be concealed. A lounge chair or lawn sofa will completely cover the septic tank and give you a comfy spot to spend more time outdoors!

Placing a picnic table or other outdoor table over the lid can create a nice space for outdoor meals in the warmer months. If the lid is still visible under the table, paint it to match either the grass or table base to minimize its appearance.

Get Creative Decorating the Lid

Let your creative side shine by decorating your septic tank lid to make it a beautiful part of your lawn! This can be done using many different, fun mediums to suit your style.

Use Paint to Create Your Own Masterpiece

Using weather-proof paint you can either paint the lid green to help blend it into the grass or make your own colorful design. If you have kids this can also be a fun project to involve them in! Invite your kids to help paint the lid to look like a cute ladybug or let them get creative with their own designs.

Craft a Tile Mosaic

Using tiles to cover the lid with a unique mosaic would be a beautiful addition to any yard or garden. You can buy tile pieces in bulk in a variety of colors and shapes and then get creative in making your own patterns or pictures. Consider painting the lid first with a neutral color like white or gray so that your mosaic will pop!

This is another great project to get your kids involved that doesn’t involve sprinklers or floating balloons! Plan out your design on the lid and then attach using a weather-proof glue or epoxy. Pick a nice sunny day for this project, ideally when rain isn’t expected in the coming days, to allow plenty of time for the glue to dry.

Use Stepping Stones

Using a stepping stone is a great way of hiding a septic tank lid while also tying it into your other yard decor. Use the stepping stones to create a path that leads to a sitting area or fire pit area that will be perfect for entertaining your family and friends!

Final Thoughts

Using the tips above you can take a septic tank lid from being an eyesore to a beautiful feature in your yard. Create an outdoor space that you and your family will love to spend time in!

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