How Much Does Merry Maids Cost? – 2024 Pricing for Cleaning

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Merry Maids is a franchise business that offers residential cleaning in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The costs mentioned below are all in U.S. dollars.

Merry Maids has a certain standard of cleanliness. Regardless of your location, the bar is the same. The continuity provides you with a tremendous amount of assurance.

Merry Maids Deep Cleaning Cost

Coast to coast in the United States, the rate for Merry Maids to do a deep clean job on a home of 1500-2500 feet is around $180 per hour (this is the hourly rate for two cleaners working simultaneously). They suggest a completion time of three to four hours.

If I want Merry Maids to do this job of deep cleaning a home in four hours, the total cost would be $720.

How Much Does Merry Maids Charge Per Hour?

Merry Maids quoted me $180 per hour for two cleaners, and there is a two-hour minimum.

When I got my bid, Merry Maids specified that you could request a specific time frame, but there is a two-hour minimum.

If you prefer only to have one cleaner do the job, that is $90 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

Is Merry Maids Expensive?

Compared to other nationwide housekeeping costs, Merry Maids is on the more expensive end of the spectrum ($720 for the job mentioned above).

For your reference, the same job (two maids working at once) would cost you less than $100 per hour if you go with Molly Maids instead.

One bid from for the 1500-2500 foot home one-time deep clean came in at $252 for three hours of work.

That bid from should have mentioned how many cleaners would come to the job. The price difference is quite substantial. Other details would be helpful in this bid, like the years of experience (Merry Maids has over 40) and any guarantee that may be offered.

The proposal from Merry Maids was for the Salt Lake City area of Utah, and another for Queens, New York, was the same. The nice part is that if you move across the country or send someone a gift card for their services, Merry Maids charges the same for the same work from east to west.

The two-hour minimum can make things more pricey on top of everything else. If you only have light cleaning necessary, you may not need someone for two hours, but you will have to pay for those hours.

One reason Merry Maids is a more expensive housekeeping option is that there is a standard of service. They have methods of cleaning that are particular to their franchises, and they also use their specialized cleaning products.

Some housekeepers want to use your products and appliances, like your vacuum, but Merry Maids uses their products. They also offer a worry-free guarantee.

What Services Does Merry Maids Offer?

On you will find that they have categories that include:

  • Apartment Cleaning – recommended weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Detailed Cleaning – recommended intermittently.
  • House Cleaning – 2-5 hours recommended bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly.
  • Housekeeping – estimate needed for recommendations.
  • Holiday Cleaning – recommended as needed.
  • Maid Service – 2-5 hours recommended bi-weekly or weekly.
  • Enhanced Disinfection Services – recommended as needed.
  • Move-In/Out Cleaning – free quote and a worry-free guarantee.
  • Specialty Cleaning – free quote and a worry-free guarantee.

Merry Maids offers lists for each job. Lists are excellent for the client and the cleaning person to have clear guidelines. The cost is $180 per hour for two cleaners with a two-hour minimum.

Apartment cleaning services focus on your smaller spaces. You will still have the two-hour minimum charge.

Housekeeping, maid services, and house cleaning all sound similar; however, be sure to read the task lists carefully, as there are subtle differences.

Merry Maids offers task lists for different services, and you can customize these to suit your needs. Adding tasks will change any quote you receive, so be clear about expectations when requesting information.

A detailed cleaning will involve dusting valances, vacuuming drapes, and cleaning picture frames (and the glass in them). Detailed cleaning goes beyond general vacuuming and dusting.

Enhanced disinfection services are particular to high-touch areas that are hard surfaces.

Move-in/move-out services means having your home cleaned and/or disinfected before moving in. Moving into a clean home buys a lot of peace of mind. On the flip side, after you pack and you have moved out, it is nice to have someone else do the final cleaning.

Specialty cleaning includes things like appliances or the interior of cabinets. I am sure you can request what you like in this category.

Packing and Unpacking Services

I asked the chatbot on their home page if they would help with packing and unpacking, and it made it clear that this is an option they provide. The rate again is $180 per hour for two workers.

I suggest asking for what you need rather than assuming that the lists on their website are all-inclusive. They offer unique services like packing and unpacking, but I did not see it on the site.

Gift Cards

The Merry Maids website offers gift cards which make a very thoughtful gift.

I have had family members gift me Merry Maids services on two occasions. The first time I was ill and had small children at home during the day.

Two ladies came to the door, put me to bed, and they took over. I wokeup  to a sparkling house, clean laundry, children had been given snacks. And it was wonderful, priceless.

Cheaper Alternatives

While not as highly praised as Merry Maids, there are a couple of other popular maid services that tend to be quite a bit less expensive compared to MM. They are Molly Maid and Two Maids & A Mop. I’ve covered both previously, so if Merry Maids seems to be over your budget, you can take a look at those two as well.

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